MiVoice Office Application Suite - Technical Manual
Release Notes

Version 5.3

5.3.5 GA

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46317 Multiple emergency calling updates including; tracking of BSSID by Phone Manager Desktop Softphone, addition of 933 emergency code and updated 6.1 firmware for 6900 phones. OTS\MCS
46257 New logging levels for 6900 phones running 6.1 firmware OTS\MCS\6900 Handset
47302 47486 Update to only send emergency call notifications to Phone Managers associated with MiVO 250 admin phones. OTS\MCS\Application Server
47213 MIVO-1284 Documentation update to outline when reporting services need to be restarted. OTS\MCS\Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
47325 Certificate renewal documentation updates. OTS\MCS\Documentation
47343 Multiple support ticket documentation updates. OTS\MCS\Documentation
47193 SQL Server Updated to 2019 on new installations. OTS\MCS\Installer
47319 Fix for configuring Dynamics 365 integration. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
47199 MIVO-1371 Display BSSID on the About screen of Phone Manager Desktop when in Softphone mode. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
47200 .NET Framework version updated to 4.8. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
47212 Updated E911 warnings on Phone Manager Desktop. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
47156 #46867 Dynamics 365 plugin updates to handle the EOL of the regional discovery servers. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client

Version 5.2


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
47552 MIVO-1418 Fix issue with losing parties in a conference when it is clearing down. OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
47160 #46797 Fix for no Setup button on new 6900 phones OTS\MCS\6900 Handset
47312 Fixed un-awaited call to AddUserConnection possibly causing some tile registration requests to fail as unauthorised. OTS\MCS\Call Reporting
47321 Upgraded SignalR to latest version. Fixes connection dropping in newer versions of Chrome. OTS\MCS\Call Reporting
47332 Clearing out unused tiles on disconnection from Real-Time OTS\MCS\Call Reporting
47311 MIVO-1364 Removed Internal In/Out Fields from the Call Performance Reports OTS\MCS\Call Reporting
47128 MIVO-1211 Fix for status difference in PM Desktop on Citrix OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client
46332 #4595 Netsuite Plugin Update to latest release OTS\MCS\Phone Manager Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46312 Firmware update to support 6930L and LT 5.1.0.SP7 HF3 ( 6900 Handset
47122 Fix for Deflect on DEE calls 6900 Handset
46302 #45611 Fix issue with updating very large list of nodes Application Server\Website
47126 MIVO-1210 Fix issue with Call Recorder Client and Microsoft Teams running slowly Call Recorder Client
46241 #44994 Fix issue if 0 length packet received Call Recording
46304 MIVO-1186 Fix for issue if you manage to get a Contact Entry with a Null Phone number Phone Manager Client
46316 Fix intermittent issue showing IVR details Phone Manager Client
46330 MIVO-1214, #46331 Fix softphone missing Caller ID on reverse transfer Phone Manager Client
47124 MIVO-1241 Fix softphone loses caller ID after Park\Park retrieve Phone Manager Client
47128 MIVO-1211 Fix for status difference in PM Desktop on Citrix Phone Manager Client
46329 Improve NAT autodetection when IPv6 addresses used Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone

5.2.31 SP3

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46236 #44930 Fix to default VM/MNR when no mailbox match found 6900 Handset
46240 Copy CESID information from Base to SIP Hot Desk when someone logs in 6900 Handset
46277 Update to 69xx 5.1.0.SP7 ( Firmware 6900 Handset
46278 Update to 6970 5.1.1.SP7 ( Firmware 6900 Handset
46248 MIVO-1169 Warning may need to use FQDN for client location for iOS clients Application Server
46259 Fix for Tagging with IVR Application Server
46275 Fix for Call Routing DB search failing in internal directories Application Server\Call Routing
46243 #45115 SIP Endpoint recording fix for change of SDP IP Address Call Recording\Methods\SIP Endpoint
46242 #45063 Fix to scenario that would stop realtime service Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
46230 Add Night Mode Support to Phone Manager Phone Manager Client
46237 Allow switching back to held part of announced transfer on softphone Phone Manager Client
46279 #45343 Fix for softphone Answer button in some remote device scenarios Phone Manager Client
46288 Stop Mobile and Desktop using the same softphone Phone Manager Client
46289 Allow Clear call when calling voicemail Phone Manager Client
46301 Stop Post Answer DTMF if call fails Phone Manager Client
46249 MIVO-1168 Fix for PM Desktop Softphone transfer to voicemail Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46178 #44512 Fix for Push/Pull on Phone Manager Client Phone Manager Client
46205 Zendesk Plugin update for Call History Phone Manager Client\Plugins
46194 Add support for Hubspot Plugin Phone Manager Client\Plugins

Phone Manager Outbound updates:  New Search Parameters, Edit Existing Record, Multi-Record Update, Display Call-back time, Disposition of new records

Phone Manager Outbound


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46077 New full screen Emergency Call Alarm screen 6900 Handset
46083 Updated 69xx Firmware 5.1 SP6 ( 6900 Handset
46084 Updated 6970 Firmware 5.1 SP6 ( 6900 Handset
46097 MIVO-1065 Update to ACD End Wrap softkey to allow users to toggle themselves into wrap up manually from the free state 6900 Handset
46103 #43952 Disable 'SIP Refer-To With Replaces' if running PBX versions older than 6.3 SP5 6900 Handset
46138 New Group Missed Calls softkey to provide access to see missed calls for specific hunt groups on the system 6900 Handset
46161 Fixed issue with speed dial names not showing on the 6900 pickup screen 6900 Handset
46157 Add option to disable images on remote 69xx phones 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46159 Added RTP Symmetric Port configuration option for 6900 phones 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46164 Updated 6900 5.1 SP6 Language Pack files 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46102 #44035 Fixed adding Off Node devices in some scenarios Application Server
46132 #44214 Fix Salesforce Make Call Tagging Application Server
46190 #44547 Fix Auto Answer answering intercom call made via Agent HotDesking Application Server
46134 #44266 Updates to support Salesforce Lightning integration on Phone Manager Desktop Softphone Phone Manager Client
46146 #44325 Change Transfer to Voicemail mechanism Phone Manager Client
46100 #44025 Add OutgoingCLI to Macro Properties Phone Manager Client\API
46099 #44026 Fix for Clear Call on Toaster in French Phone Manager Client\Interface
46081 Fix issue with Account Code on Inbound call disposition Phone Manager Outbound
46105 Fixed issue with being able to updated a moved record via the Phone Manager Outbound website Phone Manager Outbound


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46071 Fix allow remote forward on offline devices 6900 Handset
46052 Improve config updates for remote 6900 phones 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46049 Hide 6900 and Hotdesk devices from Phone Manager Mobile device selection Application Server
46072 MIVO-1048 Fix issue that could cause Windows Avatar to be assigned to Phone Manager user with no image Application Server
46074 #43875 Fixed issue where SQL error could prevent call history logging Application Server
46058 Dashboard alert if encryption password is wrong Application Server\Website
46057 Update RTP port numbers in the Manual Documentation
46062 MIVO-1047 Document note on Exclude Missed Hunt Group Calls From Call History Documentation
46039 #43675 Fixed Phone Manager Outbound CampaignManagerUserStatusChangeResults_Error Phone Manager Client\PM Outbound Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
46022 Added option for Auto Logout of Agent ID when Hot Desking Out 6900 Handset
45986 #43379 Allow Silent Monitor of Secondary Devices 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46012 #43521 Fix scenario that could cause Park/Pickup to start failing 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46036 MIVO-1026 Fix issue with Phone DND clearing after PBX DND causing delivery to busy phone 6900 Handset\Handset Service
46002 Security update of System.Net.Http Application Server\Website
45993 #43419 Fix scheduler startup where last run schedule was over 1 week ago Call Reporting
46003 MIVO-970 Headset option not shown if connected after starting client Phone Manager Client
46004 MIVO-994 Fix delay typing characters in chat Phone Manager Client
46015 MIVO-1023 Fix issue retrieving another users voicemail Phone Manager Client
46016 Remote FWD Macro option added Phone Manager Client
46021 Increase Phone Manager NAT settings for keep alive to 60 seconds Phone Manager Client
46031 Add command line option to Override Extension Mapping Phone Manager Client

5.2.25 (5.2 SP2)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
45339 DND Sync on 6900 now working for Hotdesk Users as well as Standard Users 6900 Handset
45959 #43256 Fix Page Zone User choice softkey 6900 Handset
45973 Fixed issue with Group Voicemail key in some scenarios 6900 Handset
45984 Update 6970 FW to 5.1.1SP5 HF1 ( 6900 Handset
45969 #42877 Fix issue with Chat connection timeout on Mobile Client Application Server
45795 #43161 Fix trunk to trunk filter on Calls by DDI report Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45967 #43288 Fix DND time calculation when multiple DND options used Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45968 Personal Wallboard stats now work with Meet-Me Conference calls Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
45789 #43076 Added option to configure how much chat history is included for performance reasons Phone Manager Client
45997 Use Windows Avatar if Phone Manager does not have one Phone Manager Client
45970 MIVO-980 Fix Desktop Softphone should provide local ringing on outbound if there is no audio from remote end Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone

5.2.23 (5.2 SP2 EFT)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
45746 Xfer to Voicemail Key should Send to Voicemail if call is ringing 6900 Handset
45776 Add different ringtone support for different types of calls (requires PBX 6.3.SP5) 6900 Handset
45782 MIVO-951 Prevent Park to a device in DND 6900 Handset
45784 Handset Firmware updated to 5.1 SP5 ( 6900 Handset
45785 6970 Firmware updated to 5.1 SP5 ( 6900 Handset
45790 #43195 CLI change button does not allow some valid characters 6900 Handset\Website
45744 #42896 Remove Ascii control characters from device data on import from PBX Application Server\Website
45780 #43086 Document requirement to check recorded devices if you change a device type on the PBX Call Recording
45793 #43164 Fixed issue with OutDEE report column Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45765 Fix issue where external data connector could cause high CPU load Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
45794 #43206 Add CLI filtering option to Dashboard Trunk List Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
45773 Fix scenario that could cause Toaster to not appear on Desktop Softphone Phone Manager Client
45787 MIVO-955 Added Call Direction Field to Phone Manager Client Phone Manager Client
45767 Add support for Salesforce Lightning Connector Phone Manager Client\Plugins

5.2.22 (5.2 SP2 IFT)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
45760 Fix for hotdesking failing in certain scenarios 6900 Handset
45753 Workaround for PBX stuck call issue Application Server
45749 Add Blind Transfer Option on Toaster Phone Manager Client
45754 Fix issue with Phone Manager Desktop softphone setting re-register delay Phone Manager Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44807 Fix for Make Call API command Application Server
45548 Update to enable Park Timer with Park commands (requires PBX 6.3 SP5) Application Server
45557 MIVO-897 Fix for Unreturned Lost Calls report showing No CLI when it has one Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45569 #42742 Allow schedule to have some report with different filters Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45555 MIVO-908 Fix for Phone Manager Desktop not displaying forwarding status after restart Phone Manager Client
45556 MIVO-909 Fix for Toaster showing internal name on an external call Phone Manager Client
45559 #42376 Fix for Phone Manager not controlling lines on 6900 phone if re-labeled Phone Manager Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
45343 Corrected Screen Saver Speed dial grammar error 6900 Handset
45340 Include 5.1.0 SP4 ( Firmware 6900 Handset\Handset Service
45361 Add support for 6970 IP Conference Phone 6900 Handset\Handset Service
45380 Include 5.1.1 SP4 ( Firmware for 6970 6900 Handset\Handset Service
45386 Fixed issue with Call Routing on All Calls Application Server\Call Routing
45376 Have a flag to treat call not answered on last segment as Lost Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
45039 #41599 Fix Phone Manager Desktop scenario when you can't transfer another call Phone Manager Client
45356 #42330 Fix for some types of HG calls not showing in Call History Phone Manager Client
45542 MIVO-902 Allow a stuck Toaster to be cleared by clicking on Answer Button Phone Manager Client
45543 MIVO-905 Fix issue with multi stat tile cycle speed resetting Phone Manager Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
45284 Correct Override Dial Plan 6900 Handset
45306 Fix for issue upgrading Keymaps with System Speed Dial User Choice option 6900 Handset
45325 Change Group Mailbox voicemail indicator to slow flash 6900 Handset
45298 Fix for Phone Manager Desktop now "sip refer-to with replaces" config value set 6900 Handset\Handset Service
45120 Fix for New Dialer Call event not working with Macros Application Server
45309 Call Routing - New Dynamic queued length option Application Server
45314 #42191 Fix Reports staying in queued status Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting

5.2.17 (5.2 SP1 GA)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44547 MIVO-724 Implemented Camp-On for 6900 in UCD Groups 6900 Handset
44663 #41300 Fix to issue of Agent Login if OAI reports the hunt group as initializing 6900 Handset
44671 Allow Disabling of Conference/Xfer Live Dial as an option for improved Transfer 6900 Handset
44682 Added Transfer Immediate Softkey 6900 Handset
44687 Added Call Hold Reminder to default config for 69xx Phones (Requires 5.1 SP3 firmware) 6900 Handset
44712 Added new 6900 handset configuration option 'Mute DTMF Playback' 6900 Handset
45075 MIVO-815 Fix Alarm 150 incorrectly showing on 6900 phones 6900 Handset
45085 MIVO-817 Warning when Handoff/Pull fails (due to device assigned to more than one user) 6900 Handset
45105 New User Guide Screen Savers on 6900 6900 Handset
45109 Allow a per handset Disable Context BLF 6900 Handset
44802 Added toaster notifications for 6900 when making a call to a busy extension. 6900 Handset
44812 Added 'Auto Resync Days' and 'Auto Resync Max Delay' options to the 6900 Configuration profiles. 6900 Handset
44815 Added 'Collapsed Softkey Screen Offset Bottom' and 'Collapsed Softkey Screen Offset Top' to 6900 Configuration Profiles 6900 Handset
44828 Book a Station Message when the Voicemail button is pressed while on a call 6900 Handset
44830 MIVO-780 Allow selection of System Speed Dials from multiple nodes 6900 Handset
45062 Option to remove Station Message option in BLF context menu 6900 Handset
44723 Fix not updating Phone Directory when adding a new user 6900 Handset
44728 Added BLF Context Menu - see documentation for the multiple functions this provides 6900 Handset
44736 Updated default keymap keys 6900 Handset
44744 Log issue config setting changed to match behavior change in 5.1 SP3 Phone Firmware 6900 Handset
44762 Added Station Message Softkey 6900 Handset
44766 #41499 Add DB option to sync local DND with PBX DND (default off) 6900 Handset
45281 Pop User Guide Message up if Someone Dials Pickup Code twice 6900 Handset
45284 Correct Override Dial Plan 6900 Handset
44710 Stopped disabling LLDP by default 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44845 Included 6900 Handset Firmware 5.1 SP3 (5.1.3069) 6900 Handset\Handset Service
45047 XML & SIP logging option now includes LINEMGR 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44851 Fix for editing Keymaps with Speed dial/Feature Code keys 6900 Handset\Website
45286 Fix possible PBX flooding race condition at startup Application Server
45064 Allow MCS to be NTP Server and set this as 'Time Server 3' on local phones Application Server
45074 Open NTP port on AppServer Application Server
45099 MIVO-828 MIVO-828 Handle PBX Station Monitor callID issue Application Server
44693 Fix missing call history item on DEE which rings main extension only and then next step is voicemail Application Server\WCF
44407 #40598 Added warning if customer attempts to use values of '<' or '</' td in passwords on the website Application Server\Website
45095 MIVO-826 Fixed issue with slow keymap editing multiple System Speed Dial softkeys Application Server\Website
45111 #41912 Fix Agent Auto Logout Schedule with US Dates Application Server\Website
44794 #40908 Fixed Call Recording playback in IE11 Call Recording
45076 Improved snapshot on node up and added alert for missing monitor Call Recording
42927 MIVO-405 Fixed RAC recording trying to record Paging Call Recording\Methods\Record-A-Call
44215 Added the ability to exclude statistics outside certain times on the wallboard/reports with Time of Day based filters Call Reporting
44481 Added more granularity to Ring Duration Filters Call Reporting
44634 MIVO-704 Fix Calls Handled Stat was including external DEE calls to mobiles Call Reporting
44653 Add filter options for Transferred From/To Call Reporting
44714 Fix Calls Reports not showing DDI/DID if they route to a Phantom first Call Reporting
44469 Added Calls by Start Time (Hunt Group Segmented report) Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
44713 MIVO-751 Corrected fields on Non Segmented Call list to remove Username and include First/Last/Answered Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
44453 Allow 5 Views on a Wallboard License (so you can switch between 5 views on a single user, not 5 instances on a one user license) Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44479 Provide option to Clone a Wallboard View to another user Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44833 #41564 Hunt Group Filter now only Filters for Hunt Groups Agents are logged into on Real-time Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
45110 Allow %figure edit on % Circular Gauge stats Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44662 6900 enhanced logs now moved to allhandsets sub folder Documentation
44678 Updated documentation on TLS1.2 pre-reqs Documentation
44711 Added 69xx Power Requirements to Documentation Documentation
44732 Add Information on Algo SIP Paging to the Documentation Documentation
44797 Due to the listed functionality limitations and Microsoft's focus being on other browsers, support for IE in Application Suite is being deprecated going forward Documentation
44563 pre-reqs updated to include Wireshark with npcap Installer
44666 Pre-reqs updated to include SQL Server 2014 sp3 Installer
44725 pre-reqs updated to install Azure Data Studio 1.12 Installer
44435 Add Hunt Group Name to Context Menu in Phone Manager Client Phone Manager Client
44677 Added Force TLS 1.2 Option in Phone Manager Client Phone Manager Client
44692 Fix Phone Manager unable to transfer to a busy hunt group Phone Manager Client
44740 Fixed issue with not showing missed calls in some scenarios in 5.2.11 Phone Manager Client
44749 #41505 Fixed issue with Phone Manager Client Audio device resetting to default when new device is found Phone Manager Client
45039 #41599 Fix Phone Manager Desktop scenario when you can't transfer another call Phone Manager Client
44568 #41199 Added Option to override client log location Phone Manager Client\Interface
44724 MIVO-700 Added Transferred From and Transferred From Name to the Banner Fields Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone
44644 MIVO-732 Fixed issue with Phone Manager Outbound Call Blending and continuous station monitor Phone Manager Outbound


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44635 #41311 Fix for Dialing Voicemail when on another node 6900 Handset
44598 Forced hotdesk out did not clear call history 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44520 #41049 Fixed issue with not being able to use * in a speed dial soft key 6900 Handset\Website
44167 Fixed Refused call shows as answered Application Server
44458 #40872 Fix no missed call in call history when system call forward Application Server
44665 Performance improvement for Call History updates Application Server\WCF
44632 SIP Endpoint recording improved housekeeping for ghost calls Call Recording
44609 Added Longest Waiting including Internal Calls stats Call Reporting
44253 Agent Grid not updating to remove Hunt Groups user no longer in Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44591 MIVO-728 Fixed issue with <= and >= working opposite way on real-time tile Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44595 #41251 Fixed json issue that could leave Ghost call on Wallboard under heavy load Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44602 #41260 Fix issue with Emailing Real-time tile alarm Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44631 #41355 Fix issue changing sort order on Dashboard Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44650 #41274 Fix CRA included in Ring Time in some call scenarios Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44679 Performance Improvements to Real-time Service Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44657 MIVO-709 Added missing "Calls By User" template from "Trunk to Trunk, Conference Calls & Dynamic Extension Express" page of the documentation Documentation
42746 Added additional fields to the hunt group DSS item in Large Icon View Phone Manager Client
44447 #40753 Fix Right Click on DSS when Team Leader Phone Manager Client
44468 DFR018556 Update Chat Grouping Phone Manager Client
44596 #41276 Fix softphone VM retrieval not sending passcode Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone

5.2.10 PR2

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44569 #40832 Fixed issue with 6900 dial plan preventing users from accessing trunks directly 6900 Handset
44586 Fixed issue with large number of BLF updates when extensions is in DND 6900 Handset
44577 Fixed threading issue in 6900 handset service with large number of handsets 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44597 OAI Reconnection Fix Application Server
44587 #41153 Fixed recording issue when transfer events are received from the PBX in an incorrect order Call Recording
44612 #41321 Fixed issue with calls not recording when PBX IP address matches part of handset IP address Call Recording
43852 #39944 Fixed Longest Call (Ring Time) could reset in wrong scenario Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
44551 Fix for auto close setting on DBs DB Archiving


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44531 Dial Plan optimizations for sites with complex numbering plans 6900 Handset
44540 Change to Retrieve Voicemail via MNR when no messages in associated mailbox 6900 Handset
44567 Add (5.1 SP2 HF2) Handset FW to build 6900 Handset
44509 Change to Dial by CTI instead of DTMF to speed up dialing 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44510 #41017 Improved performance of 6900 Handset service for large sites 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44533 Improved speed of stopping Handset Service 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44544 #41104 Added alert on having a blank Client Location 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44546 #40833 Fixed US formatting redial issue on quick redial 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44511 #40691 Fixed Call Recording issue with SIP Endpoint after local 6900 conference Call Recording
44525 #40945, MIVO-708 Fixed Call Recording issue with SIP Endpoint on 6900 with very short answered call Call Recording
44550 #41153 Fixed Call Recording issue with IP Endpoint if using Conf Key to put Conference on Hold Call Recording
44452 #40842 Updated documentation for SNAT on MBG Documentation
44538 #41071 Updated documentation on Phone Manager Feature comparison Documentation
44541 Updated documentation on Firewall Port usage Documentation
44557 #40450 Document restricted call history to two months to prevent potential crash in WCF service. Documentation
44442 Fixed race condition that could cause no call history at startup Phone Manager Client
44454 #40766 Fixed issue with Search and Dial crash Phone Manager Client
44528 #41060 Fixed Phone Manager Outbound issue with CRM screen popping Phone Manager Client\Plugins

5.2.4 PR1

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
44049 Added warning if users attempt to upload a CMYK image to a 6900 handset 6900 Handset
44169 #40126 Fix for 6900 cannot Park call if a second call rings in 6900 Handset
44174 Provide Alert if Remote Forward Softkey Fails 6900 Handset
44198 Fixed issue with 6900 Record-A-Call key not functioning 6900 Handset
44199 MIVO-610 Fixed issue with ACD Login button logging into all hunt groups when only one group selected 6900 Handset
44218 Added the number of calls queuing to the Hunt Group DSS toolbar button 6900 Handset
44243 Set correct Forward Softkey status if more than one configured 6900 Handset
44179 MIVO-506 Fixed dial plan issue with 5 digit feature codes 6900 Handset\Handset Service
44180 #40229 Fixed issue with Night Mode button not functioning correctly when sent to all nodes. 6900 Handset\Handset Service
43884 Set certificate friendly name on import Application Server
44170 MIVO-578 Maximum log file size now capped at 30MB Application Server
44197 Removed 'Reboot Server Daily' option from Watchdog configuration and forced to off. Application Server
44207 #40450 Restricted call history to two months to prevent potential crash in WCF service. Application Server\WCF
44201 Prevented SIP/RTP IP address from being saved with a blank line resulting in the recording service failing to record. Application Server\Website
44225 Updated devices for mobile client table to remove 'unknown' entries. Application Server\Website
44237 MIVO-646 Fixed issue with website not loading if url set to 'http(s)://' without a hostname Application Server\Website
44175 #40252 Fixed issue with DND Time By Agent not appearing correctly in the Agent Status Report Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42932 Updated CPN substitution documentation to show support for 69xx handsets Documentation
44173 Documentation updates. Documentation
44203 MIVO-619 Added documentation for 'Clear Directory Contents' button Documentation
44166 #40219 Fixed issue with chat messages displaying "There was a problem retrieving the conversation" on sites with a large number of archive databases Phone Manager Client
44211 MIVO-621 Additional logging to track issues with Phone Manager answer button being grayed out Phone Manager Client
44415 #40620 Updated ZoHo CRM plugin Phone Manager Client\Plugins
43165 #39758 Fixed issues around disconnecting and reconnecting USB headsets Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone
44178 MIVO-591 Prevented user from performing multiple silent monitors with the SIP softphone against the same extension Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone
44186 MIVO-598 Fixed potential client crash Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone
44189 #40370 Fixed error 'Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes' in Phone Manager Outbound when navigating to the second page of exports Phone Manager Outbound\Website

5.2.3 GA 1

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
43694 Fix issue where cancelling 6900 dialog could leave phone stuck until Handset service restart 6900 Handset
43861 Updated Handset Firmware to latest 5.1 SP2 6900 Handset
43872 MIVO-549 Fixed issue where you could get unlicensed handset after firmware upgrade 6900 Handset
43875 MIVO-233 Prevent Hold on a SIP Silent Monitor call 6900 Handset
44060 Fixed issue with new device import and ability to select for SIP Hot Desking Application Server
43850 MIVO-527 Copyright Year updated in EULAs Application Server
43689 MIVO-541,#39974 Fixed SIP endpoint recording scenario for parked calls Call Recording
43848 MIVO-572,#40005 Fixed SIP endpoint recording of remote phones through MBG Call Recording
43241 MIVO-462 Hide not relevant in-built filters in Filter drop down lists Call Reporting
42958 MIVO-420 Calls using 'send to voicemail' softkey now not showing as missed calls Phone Manager Client
43682 #39834 Fixed issue with call banner not showing in certain scenarios Phone Manager Client\Interface
42867 Fix set a specific callback in record search fails after 12th of Month Phone Manager Outbound

5.2.2 IFT1

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42535 Allow 6900 phone to Silent Monitor, Barge and Steal from another device 6900 Handset
43244 Added 'Reboot All' option to 6900 handsets page, on upgrade you will be prompted to reboot all phones if a new firmware is available 6900 Handset
43676 Added 5.1 SP1 HF3 ( Handset Firmware to Build 6900 Handset
43266 Added new 'Ethernet Port Mirroring' 69xx configuration option 6900 Handset\Handset Service
43249 Added right click 'Edit' option to 6900 phones grid. 6900 Handset\Website
43297 User BLF labels now update based on changes to the AD/PBX username and cannot be manually edited 6900 Handset\Website
43283 Fixed issue with enter key causing issues on 6900 keymap. 6900 Handset\Website
43686 #39986 Prevented multiple PBX imports from running simultaneously Application Server
43008 #39752 Improved speed of retrieving chat conversations. Application Server
43011 Fixed potential memory leak in the SIPProxy service Application Server\Service
43238 Fix for some notifications not being acted upon if iOS Mobile App was in the background Application Server\WCF
43307 Added shortcut to FireTV Link page from TV/Tablet applications configuration page Application Server\Website
43293 #39955 Fixed issue that would prevent Mitel DECT phones being recorded with SIP extension side recording Call Recording\Methods\SIP Endpoint
43254 #39842 Fixed issue with Custom Dates and offset from UTC adjustment of the Time Call Reporting
43272 Added Syslog port to Firewall exception on installation Documentation
43005 MIVO-433 Updated Documentation on how to change storage location of recordings Documentation
43282 Documentation updates. Documentation
42988 Updated Azure Data Studio to 1.5.1 Installer
43273 Removed MCS admin tool shortcut from desktop Installer
43281 MIVO-420 Updated documentation around missed calls in call history Phone Manager Client
43242 #39879 Improved speed of searching in Phone Manager. Phone Manager Client
43207 Added support for Kuando Busylight https://www.busylight.com Phone Manager Client
42200 Added option for Chat Notification on Desktop client to come to the foreground on alert Phone Manager Client
43284 Fixed issue with chat windows slowness/potential crash Phone Manager Client
41102 #38151 Updated ZoHo CRM plugin Phone Manager Client\Plugins
42845 MIVO-384 Fixed issue with Desktop Softphone not getting CallerID on pickup from Park Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42111 Add ability for 6900 to access an LDAP directory 6900 Handset
42139 User based call history now on 6900 phones 6900 Handset
42498 #39646 Fixed ability to use BLF keys with Transfer to Voicemail softkey 6900 Handset
42776 Disabled 69xx built-in DND and Call Forward functionality to reduce confusion with XML softkeys 6900 Handset
29183 Server based Contact Directories can now be accessed from 6900 phones along with a user's personal Phone Manager contacts 6900 Handset
42987 Reduced number of SIP Notify messages sent to the PBX 6900 Handset
40777 #37934/#38047 Fixed issue when redialing a number that begins with the same digit as the outside line 6900 Handset\Handset Service
42857 Added SiteID and Name to Dashboard alert emails Application Server
43002 Added alert if _PD command fails Application Server
43010 Fixed potential crash in SIP Proxy service Application Server\Service
42793 #39319/#39356 Improved error handling and retries on connection to push notification services. Reduced severity of message. Application Server\WCF
43183 Allow configuration of whether Hunt Group missed calls are shown Application Server\Website
43169 Added notes to the filter creation wizard for field support on real-time tiles Call Reporting
42815 Added error message when attempting to delete a report category that still contains reports Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
43214 Fixed issue with case sensitivity when searching for call history items Phone Manager Client\Interface
42938 #39592 Fixed intermittent issue with displaying/removing Business Units in Phone Manager Desktop Phone Manager Client\Interface
42931 MIVO-357 Fixed intermittent toaster issue in Phone Manager Desktop Softphone Client Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone

Version 5.1


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42824 #39359 Fix for Park Keys stop working due to slow response from CT Gateway 6900 Handset
42843 Fixed Remote Forward key not showing lit even though there is a forward on it 6900 Handset
42854 #39431 Fixed issue where 6900 handsets would not connect if MCS server operating system was renamed. Local handsets will now be rebooted after the server is restarted. Offline handsets will need to be programmed manually. 6900 Handset
42928 DTP-40884 Workaround issue with loss of audio on 6900 handsets when a PBX alarm was presented to the extension whilst on a call 6900 Handset
42951 6900 Remote Forward key is now restricted to administrator phones. 6900 Handset
42952 Restrict Remote FWD key to Admin Phones 6900 Handset
41573 Improved speed of editing 6900 keymaps 6900 Handset\Website
42907 MIVO-435 Fixed changing Forward key from 'User Choice' to 'Immediate' does not allow input 6900 Handset\Website
42961 Fixed issue with missed call history with more than 2 DEE extensions ringing Application Server
42728 Fixed issue with 6900 handset alarm images being uploaded to a users folder Application Server\WCF
42734 MIVO-200 Added note to mirror port configuration page to disable IPv4/v6 on the network interface Application Server\Website
42940 Fixed issue with 6900 ACD Toggle not logging into specified hunt groups. Application Server\Website
42820 #39351 Fixed issue with call being incorrectly deleted when 'Exclude Internal Calls' was disabled and a call was delivered directly to a hunt group via a DDI Call Recording\Methods\IP Extension
42915 Removed Transferred From field from Trunk to Trunk report template Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
41027 Fixed issue with ensuring Tiles did not have same foreground and background color Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42547 6900 tile alarm device picker now filtered to 6900 devices only Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42851 Updated Report Samples Document for recent reporting changes Documentation
42908 MIVO-413 Updated help manual for config of remote phones Documentation
42913 MIVO-411 Fixed unable to continuously Station Monitor with Phone Manager Phone Manager Client
42914 MIVO-410 Fixed when user only has an agent ID, incorrect status is displayed Phone Manager Client


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42803 #39336 Fixed issue if re-numbering Voicemail App 6900 Handset
42752 #39227 Fixed issue when non-numeric entries present in the devices table 6900 Handset\Handset Service
42768 #39268 Fixed issue with contact matching on calls to extension lists Application Server
42782 No longer upgrade Campaign Manager DB on install if not in use. If you later enable PM Outbound a server restart is required. Application Server
42786 Improved support for running real-time and reporting services on a separate server (support only) Application Server
42812 Fixed issue where voicemail applications that were renumbered would display the original number when searching in MCS Application Server
42796 #39307/#39323 Fixed display issue on certificates page in certain circumstances when using a CA certificate Application Server\WCF
42801 Restored 'View Certificate' option on SSL Certificates page Application Server\Website
22554 Added new report 'Line Usage by Half Hour and Day' Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42737 Added ability to cancel a report whilst running Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42795 Fixed issue when attempting to save reports into a category with a numeric value for the name Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42476 Reports are now cached on the website until re-run Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42478 Added ability to create new filters whilst authoring reports. Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42479 Reports can now be queued to run Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
42541 #39074 Fixed issue with call 'stuck' on dashboard due to call being diverted back to an overflow whilst already in the same overflow Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39958 Added speed control to multi-stat cycle tile. Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42063 Changed display of statistics to two significant figures Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42799 MIVO-374 Added documentation for remove call function on dashboard Documentation
42811 Documentation updates Documentation
42787 #39302 Watchdog service startup type changed to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' Watchdog

5.1.22 SP2 PR1

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42142 Added new 6900 Softkey for ad-hoc Record-A-Call recording 6900 Handset
42159 On 6940 show FWD destination on second line 6900 Handset
42160 System Speed Dial key on 6940 now shows number on the second line. 6900 Handset
42187 Feature Code changes are now dynamically passed to 6900 phones 6900 Handset
42494 #39080 Fixed dial plan issue where feature codes/outgoing line clashed with extensions after renumbering 6900 Handset
42554 Fixed call pickup failure on secondary extension 6900 Handset
42555 Added second line information on 6940 handsets to Forward, Remote Forward and Speed Dial softkey 6900 Handset
42406 Improved handling on extension BLF where the extension description is in the formation lastname, firstname 6900 Handset\Handset Service
42482 Added Paging zone IP and port column to the page zone grid 6900 Handset\Website
42445 Send Call Answered notifications to Android phones Application Server
42467 #39053 Fixed not reading ExtensionProgrammingPassword for each node Application Server
42398 Call Routing now has 'distribute to busy hunt group' option Application Server\Call Routing
42484 Added 'Server Side API Key' setting in configuration Application Server\Website
42489 Network Shares configuration item secured by 'Reporting Settings' or 'Server' security profile setting Application Server\Website
42533 Fixed issue where labels for customer statistics on the ticker were not persisted to the database Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42415 MN00692552 Documented that IPv4/v6 should be disabled on the mirror port. Documentation
42419 Phone Manager call history no longer displays missed hunt group calls. Phone Manager Client
42422 #39025 Fixed issue with call time columns not incrementing. Phone Manager Client
42466 MN00692812 Fixed intermittent issue with Phone Manager Recorder Integration Phone Manager Client
42199 Fixed issue with chat user panel expanding if a large message was received Phone Manager Client
42201 Added shortcut of Shift+Enter to create a new line in chat Phone Manager Client
34344 Added new option to use 6900 SIP hot desk device as a Phone Manager Softphone extension Phone Manager Client
42504 MIVO-337 Fixed issue where business units were visible in the search results. Adding these as favorites would result in the content of the business unit being added but not removable Phone Manager Client
40618 Removed add/remove chat participant from users in group chat who do not have chat enabled in their client profile Phone Manager Client\Interface
42220 #38940 Added new valid number entry of 'North American Number (No 900/970/976)' to Phone Manager Outbound Phone Manager Outbound\Database
40729 Fixed issue with Export to Excel option being grayed out after selecting a Call List General report in Phone Manager Outbound Phone Manager Outbound\Website
41424 Added alert if watchdog fails to start a service 11 times Watchdog


ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
41810 MN00691466 Added new Remote Forward softkey. 6900 Handset
42154 #38901,#38922 Performance improvements to 6900 handset service to support very large sites. 6900 Handset
42158 Added * to supported SIP password characters for 6900 handsets 6900 Handset
42032 MN00691661 Fix Australian Dial Plan issue dialing external numbers Application Server
42041 MN00691776 Fixed delays in updating Business Unit changes Application Server
42182 Fixed Real-time service high resource use, caused by External data connector Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
42209 Documentation updates. Documentation
42173 Fixed potential client crash on loss of network connectivity Phone Manager Client

5.1.20 (5.1 SP2 GA4)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42119 Defaulted SIP Auto Answer to False in 6900 default config (Bluetooth Mobile Link and Handsfree Intercom together can have issues on fw 6900 Handset

5.1.19 (5.1 SP2 GA3)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42092 #38822 Fix issue with compressing dial plan when using certain US dialing codes 6900 Handset

5.1.18 (5.1 SP2 GA2)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
42033 6900 5.1 GA Firmware added to installation 6900 Handset


5.1.17 (5.1 SP2 GA)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
41286 6900 5.1 GA Candidate Firmware added to installation 6900 Handset
41455 MN00691023 Fixed Speed Dial key user choice being limited to first 30 speed dials 6900 Handset
41489 Give Dial Tone on a 69xx when a Trunk or Trunk Group is dialed 6900 Handset
41784 MN00691347 Add Ringing and Hold icons to User BLF on 6940 6900 Handset
41785 Stop allowing you to assign a non SIP ext to to a 69xx phone in phone setup screen 6900 Handset
41799 MN00691433 Add a 'Do Not Override' option to firmware version list for version testing 6900 Handset
41870 Fixed issue when # symbol used in SIP passwords 6900 Handset
41793 Added dashboard alert if third party TFTP service is running on the MCS service 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41742 Added alert if Handset TFTP service cannot be started due to port conflict with another TFTP server on the same machine 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41815 Minor UI updates 6900 Handset\Website
41572 Fix Lost calls not being calculated when a call is passed through a CRA Application Server
41094 #38146 Fixed potential memory leak in CTI Service Application Server\Service
41282 #38260 Prevent PBX import from converting device descriptions to title-case Application Server\WCF
41777 Fixed issue where connecting directly to a PBX for OAI would result in no IP address in the nodes field Application Server\WCF
41464 MN00690960 Update Add DID/DID box button label Application Server\Website
41769 Renamed 'Treat Device as Not Having Rung' to 'Do not segment on this device' Application Server\Website
41482 Fix for Record-A-Call leaving recording in progress on a device in certain scenario preventing future calls being recorded Call Recording\Methods\Record-A-Call
41754 Alert on first RAC device added that you need to allow RTP through the firewall Call Recording\Website
41426 Real-time values now group according to filer applied Call Reporting
41857 Add 'Short Calls' filter option for Historic Reports Call Reporting
40832 Removed non applicable fields from Call Summary Report Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
41471 Improvements to filtering by Huntgroup on Real-time stats Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41283 Fix transferred call to Hunt Group do not count in ring/wait times Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41567 Fix Multiple CRA's in the call flow causes 'calls waiting' not to increase Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41847 Added new Hunt Group grid to real-time dashboard (requires ACD Reporting licenses) Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41805 Add right click option on Grids to remove 'Ghost' calls Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41800 Switch Focus to Ringing Line now disabled in default config so it does not interrupt actions on the active call Documentation
41837 Added support for Windows Server 2019 Documentation
41569 MN00691196 Update the Docs around the limit of 1000 rows for exporting a report without scheduling Documentation
41829 Now including Azure Data Studio for SQL management (instead of SSOS or SSMS) Installer
41795 Fixed Phone Manager Desktop incorrectly not allowing Station Monitor of 69xx device if on 53xx device Phone Manager Client
41738 Prevented user from trying to dock multiple toolbars to a single location which could result in a client crash Phone Manager Client
41776 MN00691288 Fixed delay in searching for contacts in Phone Manager Desktop Phone Manager Client


5.1.16 (5.1 SP2 EFT1)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
41416 Set SIP registration period to 20 minutes 6900 Handset
41432 MN00690957 Documented the correct timer for Call Park on 6900 handsets 6900 Handset
41448 On Upgrade Handset firmware will default to latest version included in the release 6900 Handset
41450 Added 'Auto Resync Mode' and 'Auto Resync Time' to the default 6900 configuration 6900 Handset
41459 Improvements to mixed length dial plans 6900 Handset
41477 6900 dial plan now dynamically updates in response to PBX configuration changes 6900 Handset
41496 MN00691120 Allow selection of custom ringtones in Ringtone Configuration option 6900 Handset
41513 Warning on Dashboard if you have a 6900 invalid character in a SIP device password on the PBX 6900 Handset
41539 Certain Softkeys no longer allow edit in Keymaps as description is updated from DB Programming 6900 Handset
41545 Alert on Dashboard if no Encryption Password set 6900 Handset
41570 Added Trunk Number to Trunk BLF Description 6900 Handset
41575 Switch Focus to Ringing Line now disabled in default config so it does not interrupt actions on the active call 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41576 Changed default call protection mode to 'Notify via Toaster' (clean installations only) 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41577 Change to not dismiss 6900 dialogues on incoming calls for Transfer to VM, Hot desk Cancel and Account Code Selection 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41497 #38563 Added protection for invalid dial plans in 6900 config 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41440 MN00690962 Fixed issue with Agent Auto Logout not logging you out of multiple hunt groups. Application Server
41485 Renumbering a page zone on the PBX will now update it dynamically in the MCS server Application Server
41486 Deleting page zones from the PBX will now remove them from the MCS server Application Server
41487 Fixed issue dialing page zones when Live Dial is enabled Application Server
41433 Fixed issue where changes to Auto Agent Logout schedule could revert when editing Application Server\Website
41499 Improve Dial Plan validation to prevent incorrect configurations Application Server\Website
41538 Allow editing of User Avatars in AppSuite Website User Details Edit Form Application Server\Website
41457 Fix for playback of archive call when long passwords are used Call Recording
41564 #38590 Fixed issue with single day report filter Call Reporting
41561 #38568 Fixed issue where Calls In Progress tile initially shows a call in progress and then does not Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
41467 Added firewall exception for mDNS service Installer
41480 MN00690920 Fixed conference issue from Phone Manager Desktop Softphone when the feature code has been changed from 5 Phone Manager Client
41429 MN00690918 Fixed potential client crash when querying network interfaces Phone Manager Client
41451 #38504 Documentation updates on Client Notification Option Phone Manager Client
41122 #38100 Fixed issue where any 473x extension has +1 in front on call history Phone Manager Client\Interface


5.1.15 (5.1 SP2 IFT1)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
39879 Added ability to send Real Time alarms to 6900 handsets 6900 Handset
40046 Added option to select Page Zone on button press on 6900 handset 6900 Handset
40847 Added 'Ring Intercom always' toggle softkey 6900 Handset
41103 Added new 6900 restricted config setting 'sip use basic codecs: 1' to prevent packet fragmentation affecting call recording 6900 Handset
41105 Documentation updates 6900 Handset
40636 Added ability to cope with 6900 firmware test builds that have 'invalid' build numbers 6900 Handset\Handset Service
41042 Fixed issue where server IP address change would not update the entry in the _servers table Application Server
41107 #38321

Fixed issue with PBX node values being reset in the database

Application Server
41080 Updated minimum PBX for 6900 to 6.3 SP2 Application Server
41030 #37979 Fixed issue with Standard license being used by service potentially resulting in Phone Manager clients being unable to connect Application Server\WCF
40757 MN00689640 Fixed issue where SMTP details could potentially be reset to blank Application Server\WCF
40800 Added server side support for iOS Call Kit ready for future Phone Manager Mobile client Application Server\WCF
40665 Added routine to clean up temporary upload folder. Application Server\Website
40354 MN00688747 Fixed call recording packet fragmentation issue Call Recording
40826 MN00689891 Fixed issue saving filters containing a wildcard Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
41073 Removed 'Calls Refused' field from Call Performance by Day report template Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
40266 Fixed issue with potential incorrect agent state on agent grid Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40694 Added 'Current Time Offline' alarm to agent grid Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40727 Documentation update for Max Ring Time stat to explain it is not affected by the 'Reset Call Timers when a call rings this group' flag Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40867 Default Holiday presence profile now sets DND to 'On Holiday' (new installations only) Phone Manager Client
41028 Fixed potential issue where changing the ringing the device in Phone Manager would crash the application Phone Manager Client
39569 Added ability for Team Leaders to set a users presence profile from Phone Manager DSS Phone Manager Client
41068 #37850/#38091 Fixed issue with Hot Keys not being created for new users Phone Manager Client
41076 #38110 Fixed issue with chat notification audio Phone Manager Client
41087 Added new client filters to control results returned when searching the directories. Phone Manager Client
41098 Phone Manager Client localization improvements Phone Manager Client
41112 Added missing client localization Phone Manager Client
40601 Added meaningful error when user attempts to download a version of Phone Manager that has not been uploaded to the server Phone Manager Client\Installer


5.1.14 (5.1 SP1 PR2)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
40632 MN00689294 Performance improvements to 6900 handsets 6900 Handset
40791 Added configuration option to disable missed call indicator 6900 Handset
40810 Added mDNS support for enhanced 6900 handset configuration 6900 Handset
40858 Improvements to Online/Offline status in 6900 Phones page 6900 Handset
40864 Added firmware to installer 6900 Handset
40739 Fixed issue with 6900 voicemail button dialing incorrect node 6900 Handset\Handset Service
40759 #37884 Fixed issue transferring a call to voice mail with Phone Manager Mobile Application Server
40758 MN00689641 User Auto-Creation 'Rename users when devices change' flag now disabled when changing to a mode that does not support it Application Server\Website
40787 MN00689757 Fixed issue with mobile application dialing into newly created CRA devices rather than voicemail Call Recording
40862 Removed ability to select multiple mirror ports Call Recording
40816 #37969 Fixed call recording issue Call Recording
40825 MN00689890 Fixed issue with calls through CRA devices inflating 'calls in' field to extensions Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
40821 MN00689889 Improved real-time documentation regarding calls stats that contain internal calls Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40755 Fixed issue with real-time stats no longer updating when multiple sessions connect to the same dashboard and one session is closed Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40745 Fixed issue with high CPU usage of the real-time service Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39878 Added Email Alarms to real time dashboards Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40613 MN00689359 Fixed issue with recalls to hunt group incorrectly incrementing calls waiting tile Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40730 MN00689578 6900 DHCP Documentation Updates Documentation
40782 MN00689712 6900 handset engineering guideline updates Documentation
40843 MN00689425 Added documentation for Calls By User template Documentation
40870 #37792 Added new client configuration to support forcing TLS to 1.2. To enable set <_securityProtocolType> to 3072 in the usersettings.xml. Requires NET 4.6 on the client and server and TLS 1.2 to be enabled at an OS level. Phone Manager Client
40754 MN00689508 Fixed potential crash in Phone Manager desktop Phone Manager Client
38887 Fixed potential issue with Chat Messages not loading. Phone Manager Client
40693 #37849 Fixed issue with docked toolbar overlapping main application Phone Manager Client
40742 #37864 Fixed issue with Agent Specific Callbacks Phone Manager Outbound
40762 #37914 Fixed issue with 'No-Answer Offset for Mobiles' not adding to 'No Answer' timer Phone Manager Outbound

5.1.13 (5.1 SP1 PR1)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
40364 Fixed issue where changing hot desk PIN forced logout but did not remove forward from base extension 6900 Handset
40249 Added Handsfree On/Off button 6900 Handset
39909 Performance Improvements for BLF and Park keys 6900 Handset
40604 Added support for 5.1 6900 firmware 6900 Handset
39877 Added new 'Secondary Extension' softkey 6900 Handset
40631 Fixed issue where it was not possible to reboot an unassigned local handset from the website 6900 Handset
40629 Syslog files for unassigned handsets will now be stored in the appropriate handset folder 6900 Handset
40420 Improved support for 6900 to PBX paging 6900 Handset
40307 Added new 'Group Mailbox' softkey that supports displaying the number of waiting voicemails 6900 Handset
40391 MN00689327 Fixed issue with PKM not receiving keymaps on remote handsets until service restart 6900 Handset
40434 Prevented remote mis-configured 6900 handsets from flooding the MBG with requests. 6900 Handset
40302 Added 'Transfer to Voicemail' softkey 6900 Handset
40322 Updated minimum support PBX to 6.3 SP1 when using 6900 handsets 6900 Handset
40349 Added 'https auth whitelist period' to 6900 configuration options 6900 Handset
40264 6900 handset configuration files and crash dumps will now be uploaded to the MCS server for devices with diagnostics enabled 6900 Handset\Handset Service
40041 MN00688563 Added new 'DEE Push/Pull' Softkey 6900 Handset\Handset Service
40271 Added support for administrators to edit users 6900 keymaps from the website 6900 Handset\Website
40395 Fixed issue with blank extension field on about screen Application Server
40270 Pressing enter on the 6900 handset search box no longer opens the edit form Application Server
40231 Added node and CT Gateway version information to heart beat data for Product Support Application Server
40389 Button performance improvements Application Server
40386 Fixed issue with external data 'refresh interval' not saving correctly Application Server
40403 MN00688614 Improved Documentation on Real-Time Reporting Stats and Segmentation Application Server
40383 Added link to detailed online release notes Application Server
40283 Changed 'Default Call Waiting Tone Period' to 5 seconds Application Server
40323 Minor UI improvements Application Server\Website
40378 MN00689041,MN00689164 Fixed issue with recording when calls presented to all ring group Call Recording
39532 Added new Persistent Exclusion option. Call Recording
39956 Added support for SSL when streaming in-progress calls Call Recording
26042 MN00663768 #32791 Fixed issue with incorrect extension assigned to recording when call made to an extension list. Call Recording\Methods\IP Extension
39217 Added functionality to delete call recordings (additional license required) Call Recording\Website
40366 Created new templates for Lost Calls, Trunk to Trunk Calls and Invalid Dialed Numbers that contain hard-coded filters (the installer will only upgrade reports that have not been modified by a user) Call Reporting
40261 Added secondary sorting to real-time grids Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40247 Agents logged into offline extensions now show as grey on the ACD Agent grid with a status of Offline Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40347 Fixed potential issue with agents showing incorrect state on the grid Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40402 Real-time dashboard call control context menu now updates when call status changes Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39970 Fixed issue with ACD agent first login time Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40623 MN00689370 Fixed issue with Call Ringing Stat during announcement message Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40388 Added support for clearing inbound ringing calls on the Real-Time Call Grids (SIP trunks only) Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40297 Fixed issue with inconsistency between number of agents on grid vs tile Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40005 Added 'Pickup Call' and 'Send To' call control menu on the Trunk and Call grids Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40612 MN00689357 Fixed issue with Longest Wait Stat increasing after call answered Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
40241 MN00688645 Fixed incorrect documentation for Group Messaging Documentation
40352 Documentation updates Documentation
39957 Added port 8204 (Personal Wallboard connection) to the Windows Firewall rules on install Installer
38962 Added auto-update mechanism to Phone Manager Desktop Installer
40363 Updated SQL Operation Studio to June Release Installer
40316 #37646 Forced app support plugins to use TLS 1.2 Phone Manager Client\Plugins
40439 #37703 Fixed issue with XCS integration not working correctly with Zoho CRM plugin Phone Manager Client\Plugins
40034 Fixed spelling mistake in Dynamics CRM plugin Phone Manager Client\Plugins
39630 Fixed issue retrieving ad-hoc conferences when using Phone Manager Desktop as a SIP Phone Phone Manager Client\SIP Phone
40028 #37538 Fixed potential issue with wrap up when using blending and ACD sync is enabled Phone Manager Outbound
35772 #35894 Fixed issue with false 'No calls have been logged in the database...' alert Watchdog


5.1.11 (5.1 SP1)

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
40057   Fixed Park Key status when multiple calls queuing 6900 Handset
39937 #37360 Fixed issue with 6900 handsets on servers with multiple network adaptors 6900 Handset\Handset Service
40024 #37526 Fixed issue with change CLI prefixing digits with a 1 Application Server
40055   Fixed issue when attempting to change MBG address Application Server\Website

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
38938 Added option to Automatically Provision devices on the Mitel Border Gateway 6900 Handset
37009 Added ability to see the effective result of the combined keymaps on a handset 6900 Handset
39333 MN00686898 Improved responsiveness of Trunk BLF buttons 6900 Handset
36471 Added validation to the handset forward key 6900 Handset
37433 Added new Call Protection 6900 Handset configuration setting. If a softkey form is open when a call rings a handset this setting controls whether the form is closed to display the call screen or whether the user is notified of the call via a toaster 6900 Handset
39245 Add new HTTP option on port 8203 for internal 6900 to speed up response 6900 Handset
36882 Deleting a handset from the 6900 Phones page will now release the license without a restart 6900 Handset
38537 Added call forward from the base extension when a user hot desks in to a 6900 handset 6900 Handset
39808 MN00687961 Adjust keymap validation to allow 2 digit extensions 6900 Handset
37160 Added voicemail count to extension/user BLF 6900 Handset
39798 #37349 Improved Park key behavior (also requires PBX 6.3 SP1) 6900 Handset
38673 'Show message in chat notification' has been removed from Client Profiles and is now an 6900 Configuration Item 6900 Handset
39186 Disabled 6900 presence profile buttons for non-presence profile users. 6900 Handset
39295 Fixed issue with redial from Call History on 6900 in NA 6900 Handset
39819 Updated included 6900 firmware to 5.0 SP2 6900 Handset
39321 Added 6900 handset image refresh timeout to default configuration profile 6900 Handset
39264 Default on mask SIP passwords in 6900 logs 6900 Handset\Database
39737 MN00687723 fix Handset service crash due to invalid characters 6900 Handset\Handset Service
39339 MN00686819 Fixed issue with firmware upload timeout incorrect message 6900 Handset\Website
38698 MN00685636 Fixed issue with missing validation on Group/Park Pickup keys on 6900 handset keymap page. 6900 Handset\Website
38727 MN00685769 Fixed overwriting progress bar on screen saver upload with long filenames 6900 Handset\Website
35616 Added option to display 6900 keys based on call state 6900 Handset\Website
39665 Fixed tooltip on ACD status button to reflect correct behavior 6900 Handset\Website
39491 #37221 Fixed issue with connection failure due to timeout requesting settings Application Server
38647 Documented 65536 row limit when exporting reports to Excel Application Server
39603 MN00687258 Changed behavior of 'Hide call information for this user from other users' to not hide extension numbers. Application Server
37001 Added Last Agent Lookup functionality to Call Routing Application Server
39142 #37030 Fixed possible upgrade issue preventing clients from connecting Application Server
39363 MN00686956 Fix to cope with long SIP passwords (note 6900 only supports up to 20 chars) Application Server
39473 Documentation Updates Application Server
39785 Add DHCP Config Option Override to 69xx config Application Server
34391 MN00660931 Allow image query from Active Directory Application Server
39183 MN00686592 Fixed AU Dial plan incorrectly adding national toll in Australia Application Server
39552 Correct US NetSuite Documentation Application Server
38728 MN00685703 Fixed issue with 500 error when using Officelink in Phone Manager Mobile App Application Server
39664 Allow installation of a certificate for the website and real-time service Application Server
39427 Updated help info for Watchdog settings Application Server
39428 Added Archiving of Alerts over 90 days old Application Server\Database
39419 MN00687027 Updated documentation for SIP voicemail to advise entering password to stop unauthorized access Application Server\Documentation
38884 Added a 'latest' link to the Mobile Client Documentation https://edocs.mitelcommunicationservice.com/pmmlatest/#Overview_Mobile.html Application Server\Documentation
39259 Updated training with new HTTP option Application Server\Documentation
39799 Doc Update DND Times (%) page describes service level stats instead of DND times. Application Server\Documentation
37169 Added ability to upload Phone Manager clients to the MCS website for deployment Application Server\Installer
39299 Port 8203 added to Firewall exceptions on Installation/upgrade Application Server\Installer
37173 Minor UI updates Application Server\Installer
38960 Phone Manager DSS icon now remains blue when in DND and on a call Application Server\Installer
39423 MN00687067 Fixed issue loading client contacts in some situations Application Server\WCF
36614 Limited length of configuration profiles to 50 characters Application Server\Website
39777 Added robots.txt file to website to stop being indexed by search engines Application Server\Website
39128 MN00686440 Removed ability to manually add PBX devices other than DIDs Application Server\Website
34394 Added option to centrally configure toolbar docking Application Server\Website
21364 New invite email for desktop client installation Application Server\Website
39327 Updated iOS device model list for Mobile client screen Application Server\Website
36957 Added Agent Help button to toolbars Application Server\Website
39783 MN00687705 Fix to clear call SIP endpoint recording down on SIP error codes 4xx, 5xx, 6xx Call Recording
39578 #37237 Fix RTP recorder crashes when receives a small packet Call Recording
39110 MN00686319 Fixed issue with Agent free and busy showing over 100% Call Reporting
38432 Fixed issue when cloning Service Level by Half Hour Report Call Reporting
39708 MN00687302 Fixed issue with inconsistent contact details/CLI on different call segments Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
35684 Updated tooltips for some of the statistics Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
34384 MN00666423 Added ability to automatically log out agents on a schedule Call Reporting\Intelligent Routing
39632 MN00687517 Fixed issue with Real-time stats reset if using midnight Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
35777 MN00542273 Fixed issue with leftover 'new button' when creating toolbars Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
38957 MN00686176 Fixed issue with Current Time in DND incrementing incorrectly Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39255 Added support for HTTPS connections on the realtime service Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39739 MN00687710 Fixed issue with Average Answer In time. Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39619 Allow External Data Source Refresh Interval to have a new minimum value of 15 seconds Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
36322 Added matching System Speed Dials on Outgoing Calls Phone Manager Client
38626 MN00685514 Fixed issue with call banner changing position, added additional logging to diagnose future issues. Phone Manager Client
36316 Changed re-connection behavior of Phone Manager when temporarily disconnected from the PBX to not prompt again for extension on reconnect. Phone Manager Client
39600 Fixed issue with Personal Toolbars on Zoomed screens Phone Manager Client
39417 MN00584345 De-duplicate Speed Dials in MultiNode environment Phone Manager Client
37445 Added coloring to contact directory icons Phone Manager Client
24816 MN00626296 Added Personal Wallboard functionality to Phone Manager client Phone Manager Client
36956 Added Agent Help functionality for 6900 Phone Manager Client
39326 #37105 Fixed issue with RetrieveCall in Macro Phone Manager Client\API
39342 MN00686917 Fixed issue with not being able to change DND extra text after first time Phone Manager Client\Interface
39368 Added support for Sage CRM 7.3 Phone Manager Client\Plugins
39821 Fixed issue with not going back to preview mode after pause in Phone Manager Outbound Phone Manager Outbound
39612 Fixed potential freeze when pressing the Clear Call button in Phone Manager Outbound Phone Manager Outbound
39539 #37227 Fix issue with error leaving paused state in Phone Manager Outbound Phone Manager Outbound\Service

5.1.9 PR1

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
36999 Added current dial plan to 6900 General Settings page 6900 Handset
38723 Added new Mitel Screensavers (fresh installations only) 6900 Handset
38463 #36734 Fixed potential issue where user BLF key could lose icon/status and become non-responsive 6900 Handset\Handset Service
38681 Set 'sip intercom allow barge in' to disabled in default 6900 handset installations (Clean installs only) 6900 Handset\Handset Service
38478 Improved online/offline detection for 6900 handsets 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37184 Fixed issue where handset could not hot desk in as it incorrectly believed a call was in progress. 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37359 Fixed issue where keymaps show 'unlicensed' 6900 Handset\Handset Service
38533 Prevented users from setting a forward with no destination on 6900 handset 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37443 Improved Phone Manager error when attempting to log in to a remote device with a hot desk device that does not have remote credentials set. 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37360 MN00684883 Added 'XML Lock Override' set to 1 in the service configuration to allow processing of XML messages when the phone is locked 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37426 Additional logging for handset button timing 6900 Handset\Handset Service
38797 MN00685954 Fixed crashing issue with handset TFTP service when receiving requests from unknown devices. 6900 Handset\Handset Service
37226 Fixed scenarios where keymaps would not display on handsets 6900 Handset\Handset Service
36694 Added 'DEE On/Off' key to 6900 keymap 6900 Handset\Website
38698 MN00685636 Fixed issue with missing validation on Group/Park Pickup keys on 6900 handset keymap page. 6900 Handset\Website
38628 Fixed issue with Last Seen status not updating on remote 6900 handsets. 6900 Handset\Website
36541 Added new 'Outgoing Access' key to 6900 keymap 6900 Handset\Website
36874 Changed default value of the 'Ringback Timeout' configuration to '300' 6900 Handset\Website
36894 Minor UI fixes. 6900 Handset\Website
38586 MN00685518-DCR Added new website option to download current logs files from the server Application Server
37248 Fixed issues with missed call notifications on mobile clients. Application Server
36976 Added support for querying SIP credentials from MiVO 250 when this functionality is present in the PBX (6.3 SP1 CTGW Application Server
38494 MN00685362 Fixed issue with DND Lock synchronization when set to prompt for DND message Application Server
38616 SIP credentials now encrypted in the database Application Server\Database
37237 MN00684643 Documentation updates. Application Server\Documentation
34139 Fixed issue with SQL Server pre-req not loading after restart during initial installation. Application Server\Installer
38270 #36599 Fixed issue with duplicate mobile (android) connections Application Server\Licensing
39173 MN00686084 Fixed issue generating CSR's on Windows 7 Application Server\WCF
37245 Fixed issue with user accounts not automatically being created by new AD connections. Application Server\WCF
38642 Deleting the PBX now removes SIP Hot Desk user entries. Application Server\WCF
37441 Added warning if an administrator attempts to add a secondary extension to a user account that is already part of the DEE profile Application Server\Website
38866 Fixed potential issue with Call Recorder Client generating a large number of log files Call Recorder Client
38803 MN00685975 Fixed call scenario issue with IP/SIP extension call recording Call Recording
37261 MN00684740 Fixed issue with calculation of ring time Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
38781 MN00685897 Fixed issue with missing play button on non-segmented reports Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
38791 MN00685661 Fixed issue with first rang/last rang not populating in Call List General report Call Reporting\Historic Call Reporting
38443 Fixed issue creating a new tile on a full screen dashboard Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
38942 Fixed issue where call waiting tile dropped to 0 when a call was answered by a hunt group announcement Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
36409 MN00685659 Changed real-time grids to segmented model to support fields such as Calls Refused/Calls Lost on a device basis Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
38968 Fixed issue filtering by hunt group on a trunk grid Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
25346 Added drop down menus to device entry section in filters. Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
36244 Fixed issue with tiles overlapping ticker when moving Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
38943 MN00686130 Fixed issue where agent grid would only show logged in agents when filtered to a hunt group with agents in any status Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
38634 Fixed issue where calls could get stuck on dashboards if the device was renumbered on the PBX. Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
36241 Prevented upload of bitmap files to the wallboard/dashboard Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
36347 Renaming the account code field in custom tags now correctly reflects on grids Call Reporting\Real-time Call Reporting
39174 Fixed issue with DND on Lock not removing DND status/potential client crash. Phone Manager Client
35754 #35857 Fixed potential issue with clients showing incorrect presence status at start up Phone Manager Client
37371 Fixed missing text on Highlight and Dial right click menu Phone Manager Client\Interface
37374 Removed 'Send to Voicemail' from toaster when on a hunt group call Phone Manager Client\Interface

5.1.8 GA

ID Defect ID Release Notes Area Path
MN006683635 Reduce the image size in the online help of the recording quick reference guide
MN00682141 Inconsistency in dialing busy users
MN00681582 Remove the column 'End Event' as it refers to 250 docs that aren't available
MN00678890 RAC recording not working using MCS v5 SB license
MN00677140 Inbound Call Summary needs to have consistent data
MN00676825 station monitor tool tip references 'MiVoice Office 5000'
MN00675314 Update the Netsuite integration doc